Tap Guitar

4.3 ( 7023 ratings )
Музыка Развлечения
Разработчик MagischMeik
0.99 USD

Tap Guitar offers the possibility to play guitar without any "guitar-playing skills".
Just tap the chord-buttons to trigger strumming guitar chords. Its as simple as that.
No need for cramped finger-acrobatics to push strings on a fretboard and strum them at the same time!
With Tap Guitar you have strumming sounds right at your fingertips.

- 32MB great sounding, realistic guitar samples
- 4 note lengths per chord
- nice graphics
- simple to use interface

Strum your guitar wherever you want.
Impress your friends at a campfire without carrying around your big guitar bag,
compose a song while waiting on the bus or just play along with your favorite song on the radio.
Or even serenade your sweetheart at a romantic candlelight dinner...